Ultimate Reset Wk 1 Recap

Today I start the 2nd week of Beachbody's Ultimate Reset™. Here's a brief recap of my first week:

  • Day 1 was pretty bad, I won't lie. It started off ok but by the time I got to dinner I had a huge caffeine withdrawal headache and had a very difficult time eating the salmon (which tasted great). After dinner it went down hill. My stomach was giving me all sorts of issues. I'll spare you the details, but it was not good!
  • The 2nd day went better although I was still having some stomach issues, but not nearly as bad as day 1. I had a really hard time eating anything.
  • Realized on day 3 that I had forgotten to take a supplement that before dinner, that, guess what, was specifically to "soothe" your digestion. Dang! I started taking it on day 3 and since then it's been smooth sailing. I've felt great.
  • I haven't had any real temptations. I've been making Amy coffee every morning and that hasn't bothered me a bit. On Saturday I took Amy to Starbucks...no problem. Bought the family Wendy's for dinner on Saturday...still no big deal. Arby's for Drew on Sunday...no sweat.
  • Monday was tough. It was our boys' track sectionals which meant I was away from the house for 8 hours. I had to modify that day but was able to not "cheat".
  • I have yet to have a recipe I haven't liked. The 1st night salmon was amazing. I made it for the whole family and they all loved it. I've liked the tempeh recipes. The only thing I can say about the recipes is that I'm sick of cutting cucumbers.
  • I've been a little frustrated with a few of the recipes though. I wish it would tell you exactly how long the prep time and cook time was. A couple days I went to make a recipe only to find out that something had to marinate for an hour or cook for 45min. Also there are inconsistencies with some of the recipes, I've been able to figure them out though.
  • The shopping list is
    • Vague. It does not specify what kind of miso paste to buy for instance. I bought the wrong one.
    • Expensive! It took a trip to St. Louis (1-1/2 hrs way) to get most of the stuff, I probably spent 200-250 on groceries for the first week. A lot of that was enough to cover the whole 21 days, but produce is expensive and I'm pretty much going every day to get something for the next day.
  • Managing the water is a pain. I've been buying 2-3 gallons of distilled water every other day. The cheapest I can find is Walmart at $.88 a jug. Also, it doesn't seem very "green" to keep buying all these jugs.
  • My family has been very supportive, although one of the things that is weighing on me the most so far emotionally is that I feel like I'm inconveniencing them, especially regarding the amount of money this is taking.
  • Overall, I am very please with my first week. I lost 12lbs (ok, 11.8 to be exact) and feel great entering week 2.

I encourage you to give it a shot. I bet most of you are saying (I know because most of you have told me this), "there's no way I could give up..." and usually coffee is the noun that follows. I understand. Believe me, I understand. I love coffee! I come from a long line of coffee lovers and the thing that made me most nervous was giving coffee up. However, other than the headache day 1 I have not missed it at all. I know that in 21 days I will be reunited with my black beauty so I look forward to that day.

I will say this: when you start off any challenge with the word "can't" or "try" you will more than likely fail. But when you change "try" and "can't" to "will" and "can" then you will succeed. Remove all the doubt up front and you will be amazed at the outcome!

If you want to give it a shot, here's the link.

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